Sunday, March 30, 2008

Are software patents evil?

Are software patents evil? By ptc In fact, the very argument that "software patents are evil" is incorrect. It doesn't say that "patents are evil"; what is says is that this otherwise working fine system of patents becomes evil when applied specifically to software ... Software patents underlie a novel open source business model (video) By Catarina "Software patents are evil." Ask almost any free or open source software advocate, and they'll you that software patents kill creativity and keep computer science from advancing as rapidly as it would if everyone shared their basic work ... Microsoft's Young Siblings Harness Software Patents By Roy Schestowitz Two companies that are affiliated with Microsoft keep 'busy' on the patent front, USPTO denies problems, even wrt to software patent. Open Source Business Model Using Software Patents By Ryan Adams Joe Barr writes "Robin Miller has an exclusive video interview with Larry Rosen and Fred Popowich this morning on about their new open source business model which includes software patents in its DNA. ... What good is a CC licensed specification? By Mike Linksvayer Software patents may be the main legal barrier to such use. This is why patent grants often get the most thorough public vetting of any non-technical aspect of a new specification and why (for example) the debate over the W3C's patent ...

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