"Software patents" is a blog that is owned and maintained by Bruce Clement, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand. Bruce can be contacted regarding this blog through the contact form on his website.

Software patents are a contentious issue today.  The editorial policy of this blog is to report the views of both sides without any editorial comment or slant. A lofty ideal, but is it really possible in reality?

For the record, to make it clear where I stand, like many I have mixed feelings on the subject
  • I understand how society benefits by encouraging people to give up trade secrets (the original purpose of patents) in return for a limited monopoly. This should be limited to non-obvious developments though.
  • As a software developer I'm worried about the chilling effects they could have on small software developers. 
  • As a firm believer in free market / capitalism I have philosophical objections to legislated monopolies and restrictions on trade
  • In a fast developing field like computers, I feel that the long effective lifespan of patents will harm the whole of society.
I try not to overly impose my views on the blog though.

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