Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Zimbabwe Met Service to Patent Climate Software

Climsoft Climate Software is a data management system which was
designed by experts at the Zimbabwe Meteorological Services Department.

The software brings data from multiple sources together and formats it so that it can easily be accessible not only by the Met Dept but by other end users who include aviation,agriculture and other sectors.

Climsoft is currently being used by 27 countries in Africa, 10 in Asia, eight in the Caribbean and 12 countries in the Pacific.

Zimbabwe is the only developing country in the world that has developed such software for the world and is now moving to patent the software.

Met Dept director Dr Amos Makarau said "This week we were discussing how to patent the software. Our developers have been to ARIPO to start the process of patenting the Climsoft software.

"The idea came about following attempts by some developed countries
to high-jack the software and patent it as if they developed it."

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