Monday, June 01, 2015

Naked Emperors, the US Supreme court

Gene Quinn of has written this essay on why the US Supreme court is incompetent to rule on technology issues

He points out that they are old, were all educated in "Ivy League" universities, "all went to the same places, they ate the same places, they drank the same drinks, were taught by the same people and now they lived the same lives for the vast majority of their professional careers"

He then shows how they made simple mistakes of fact such as declaring a new manmade molecule that does not appear in nature to be naturally occurring and  (in a reply to a comment on the blog) of confusing the two different elements manganese and magnesium.

"The idea that the Supreme Court is at all capable of understanding — let alone deciding — issues of a technical nature is ridiculous. Yet their individual and collective lack of knowledge hasn’t prevented them from reaching misguided decisions in a variety of cases."

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