Saturday, October 22, 2016

Claim on web video, sues 14 big media companies

On October 11, Bartonfalls filed patent lawsuits against Ziff Davis (the owners of PC Magazine), Viacom, Advance Publications (over the website for GQ; GQ and Ars are both owned by Conde Nast, which is in turn owned by Advance Publications), Scripps Networks (HGTV), Bloomberg,, NBC Universal, Turner Broadcasting, the New York Times Company, Forbes, ABC, Discovery, CBS, and Consumers Union (Consumer Reports).

Each claims that websites owned by these large publishers violate the '922 patent because when a viewer is done watching an online video, their video players cue up another video and automatically start playing it when the first video ends. Love this feature or hate it, it's an extremely common way of serving up online video.

"We are in the process of hiring counsel and will vigorously fight this claim," said one defendant "We plan to work with the other companies that were sued to challenge the patents."

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