Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Economic and health benefits' from QuakeCore funding

A University of Canterbury earthquake engineering expert sees economic and health benefits from the university being awarded $21.5 million of government funding over five years to run the QuakeCore, centre of research excellence for earthquake resilience.

"QuakeCoRE research will underpin export growth in New Zealand goods and services related to earthquake engineering, principally through increased international competitiveness of our engineering consultants engaged in our research and training programmes and the development and sale of novel seismic-resistant systems and devices, and patented software tools for seismic protection of infrastructure.

"We want an earthquake-resilient New Zealand where communities recover rapidly after major earthquakes as a result of mitigation and pre-disaster preparation informed by internationally-leading research. A reduction in infrastructure damage, fewer casualties and lower business disruptions, through faster recovery in future major earthquakes will reduce stress and long-term psychological impacts in affected communities.

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