Monday, May 04, 2015

Google collects patents despite lobbying against them

Despite what Google lobbyists may say in Washington, DC, the company has always supported a strong patent system, at least for themselves.

It’s great to see that the company, which popularized the corporate catchphrase “Don’t Be Evil”, is taking action and getting vocal about making the patent system better. It’s just not a sure thing that will happen, and actually, it should be pointed out that this system at least flirts with the idea of draining intellectual property from innovators under the guise of restoring stability to the patent system. The HBO television show Silicon Valley used a very unsavory term for a tech company trying to learn more about a patented technology which they want to develop without licensing: “brain raping.”

Of course, if this is the company that still intends to not be evil, none of this will ever be a problem. But it is hard to forget that Google also promised not to be evil with the patents acquired from Motorola and then subsequently was adjudicated to be a patent troll with respect to those patents.

On its face, the Patent Purchase Promotion program doesn’t look evil, just highly suspicious and wrought with pitfalls.

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